Renewal of Pressure Piping Design Certificate Passed Smoothly

   From July 3rd ~5th, the appraisal expert team arrived in our company and carried on the site appraisal for the pressure piping design qualification of KFAS. Chairman of the board Mr. Wang Kejie, chief engineer Ms. Ma Yuan, head of relevant departments and design personnel participated in the first and the final meeting.

Team leader Mr. Cui Tiebing introduced the renewal procedures and job arrangement. During the 3-day appraisal, site tour, written examination, query and reply and appraisal were made successively. The expert team reached the consensus that KFAS has the qualified design personnel, technical capabilities, equipment, management policy, QAsystem and design reference applicable to the renewal application scope of pressure piping design, possesses the applied design qualification and passed the renewal appraisal. This marks a successful ending of KFASs renewal of pressure piping design certificate and KFAS has obtained the design qualification.