Domestic Reference

Reference List of Some Packaged ASPs Produced by KFAS

1¡¢KDN refers to nitrogen plant with full low-pressure process

2¡¢KD(Z)ON oxygen and nitrogen (may have argon) plant with full

3¡¢MS refers to molecular sieve process

4¡¢RV refers to switch-over plate-fin heat exchanger process

Customers ASP Model Set Process Type
Huiteng Energy Chemical Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia KDON-47088/44683Nm3/H 2
Xinjiang Tianzhen Chenye Chemical Co., Ltd. KDON-40000/40000Nm3/H 1
Linyi Branch of Fengxi Fertilizer (Group), YMGC KDON-40000/40000Nm3/H 1
Shouyang Chemical Co., Ltd., YMGC KDON-42000/16500 2 MS IC
Pingding Chemical Co., Ltd., YMGC KDON-40000/27000 1
Shenzhou Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd., YMGC KDON(Ar)-40000/200Y-41700/1500Y-500Y 1 MS
Binzhou Beihai Metallurgy Yingde Gas Co., Ltd. KDON(Ar)-60000/121000-2100Y 1 MS EC
Shijiazhuang Yingding Gas Co., Ltd. KDON-57900/81200 1 MS IC
Zhejiang Zhihai Chemical Equipment Engineering Co.,Ltd. KDON(Ar)-60000/121000-2100Y 1 MS IC
Liaoning Datang International Fuxin Coal Gas Co., Ltd. KDON£¨Ar)-48000/22500/1400 2 MS IC
Xinneng Phoenix (Tengzhou) Energy Co., Ltd. KDON£¨Ar)-45000/12500/1500 1 MS IC
Erdos Northwest Energy Chemical Co., Ltd. KDON-45000/6600 1 MS IC
Hongsifang Co., Ltd, CNSIC, Anhui KDON(Ar) -42000/44000/1120 1 MS IC
Yima Coal Industry Comprehensive Energy New Gases Co., Ltd. KDON-40000/25600 1 MS IC
Erdos Jinchengtai Chemical Co., Ltd. KDON-44000/20000 1 MS IC
Ningxia Jiemei Fengyou KDON-40000/36000 2 MS IC
Xinxiang Zhongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. KDON-40000/30000/1200 1 MS IC
Green Coal & Electricity Co.,Ltd. KDON-46000/30000 1 MS IC
Shenhua Ningxia Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. KDON-45000/30000 2 MS IC
Nailun Group Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia KDON(Ar)-42000/44000+350Y 1 MS IC
Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Co., Ltd., Guangxi KDON-40000/20000/1390 1 MS IC
Tengzhou Phoenix Fertilizer Co., Ltd. KDON-42000/20000/1200 1 MS IC
Jinshi Chemical Fertilizer Co., Ltd., Shijiangzhuang KDON(Ar)-40000/40000/1300 2 MS IC
Shandong Hualu Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd. KDON-40000/60000/1400 1 MS IC
Yongcheng Coal & Electricity (Group) Co., Ltd. KDON(Ar)-55000/44800/1600 1 MS IC
Henan Longyu International Trade Co., Ltd. KDON£¨Ar£©-65000 /53000/1350 1 MS IC

National ¡°863 Plan¡± simulated Offshore Platform small LNG liquefaction project