Train 2# 42,000N Nm3/h ASP for OSS Indonesia by KFAS

     Passed Test Run at One Blow

   Recently, a good news is received from the plant site of 3-train 42,000Nm3/h ASP signed between KFAS and Engineering Technical Sub-company of Shaangu Power------- Train 2# ASP started on August 31, 2020, by Sept. 10th, GOX, GAN and GAR and other various products reached to the designed capacity and index, which marks the test run of this ASP is successful at one blow.

The 42,000Nm3/h ASP designed by KFAS for Engineering Technical Sub-company of Shaangu Power adopts several new technology and new process independently developed by KFAS, which can not only guarantee the GOX and GAN product requirements but also improves the argon recovery rate up to more than 10% compared to conventional external compression process.

So far, the market prospects of domestic steel industry and metallurgical industry are very good, guided by the policy of ¡°The Belt and Road Initiative¡±, many steel and metallurgical enterprises go abroad, the need for new-model ASP with high argon recovery rate keep growing and the market prospects are broad; simultaneously the LAr product has a great potential, especially for some electronic special gas companies, which will also be a good option for them.

The successful test run of 42,000Nm3/h ASP can not only enrich the product structure of KFAS, but can also bring great economic benefits and make new contribution in the new-model metallurgical type ASP fields in China.