ASP Supplied by KFAS for Qingdao Jinneng Started up Successfully

  Recently, good news came from Qingdao, the ASP supplied by KFAS to Qingdao Jinneng New Materials Co., Ltd. was successfully started up at one blow, and the ASP output and purity both reaches to or even exceeds the designed targets.

In order to ensure the early production of the ASP, the on-site installation department, service personnel and commission technicians of KFAS made concerted efforts to face the difficulties and successfully produced qualified nitrogen as per the required milestone by the owner.

This ASP adopts dual-column, dual condensation positive flow expansion process, pressure of product nitrogen out of the cold box is 0.75Mpa (G) with oxygen content 5ppm. This ASP is designed, manufactured and installed by KFAS with the latest process and technology, it has a high extraction rate. In the conventional high-purity nitrogen plant of early stage, the extraction rate of nitrogen product is only about 51%. After process design and calculation, the new process technology is adopted, and the extraction rate of nitrogen products can reach to 70%. After 3-day on-site sampling and the average value of the commission data summary shows that the ASP product extraction rate finally reached to 70%, and nitrogen purity is stable at 1ppm. The ASP has the advantages of stable operation, wide load-variation range and high degree of automation. It is an elite high-quality ASP of KFAS supply for petrochemical industry.

It is reported that Jinneng New Material Co., Ltd., Qingdao is a subsidiary of the listed company Jinneng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Now it is under the construction of propane dehydrogenation unit, polypropylene plant, green carbon black recycle plant and clean hydrogen energy comprehensive utilization series and so on, the ASP is the public utility plant for the new material and comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy project for Qingdao Jinneng Materials Co., Ltd., the ASP products will be directly used for pressure test, nitrogen seal and production gas for the subsequent plant.