KFAS Actively Organized Employees to Watch the Opening of the National ¡°Two-Sessions¡±

    At 9:00am on March 5, 2021, the Fourth Session of the 13TH National People¡¯s Congress opened in Beijing, attended by Xi Jinpin and other party and state leaders. Combined with the actual situation, KFAS party committee actively organized the employees to independently listen to and watch the grand event of the conference through different platforms such as network live broadcast, mobile phone video and xuexi.cn etc., listen carefully to the government work report made by Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council, and set off a learning boom in the company.

    KFAS called on the cadres and employees to conscientiously study and deeply understand the spirit of the National ¡°Two-Sessions¡±, effectively unify thoughts and actions with the central decision-making and deployment, take the initiative to seize opportunities, actively study and solve the problems, focus on the company¡¯s key work in 2021, improve ideas, pragmatically advance and truly implement the spirit of the National ¡°Two-Sessions¡± into the company¡¯s stable development.