KFAS Held a Special Meeting on

the Prevention & Control of Covid-19 Pandemic

   On the afternoon of Aug.3, 2021, a special meeting on the prevention & control of Covid-19 pandemic was held in the Conference Room on the 9TH-floor, which conveyed and implemented the policies and work requirement on prevention and control of Covid-19 pandemic of the superior¡¯s and also deployed the relevant jobs in KFAS. The meeting was presided over by trade union chairman Wang Zhifeng, senior managers Lu Hongwei, Zhu Yaocheng and other relevant responsible personnel of each department attended.

  At the meeting, the ¡°Notice on the adjustment and clarification of the tasks of KFAS¡¯s leading group on the prevention & control of Covid-19 pandemic¡± was firstly read out, and the policies and work requirements of Henan Province and Kaifeng City related to pandemic prevention and control were also conveyed. It is demanded that all departments of KFAS should attach great importance to ideology and do a good job in daily protection work in strict accordance with the pandemic prevention policies and requirements of the superior.

  In principle, KFAS will no longer accept visitors from medium and high-risk areas; employees of KFAS should not go outside Kaifeng unless necessary, for those who need to travel on business, must report to the leading group on the pandemic prevention in advance; Relevant departments should focus on the prevention, seize the key problems, strictly implement the body temperature measurement, inspection of health code and travel code, registration and reception to outsiders. The leading group should resolutely implement the inspection work, especially pay close attention to key groups with a history of residence and contact in medium and high-risk areas; those who hold red travel codes should report, make nucleic acid test and isolate according to Kaifeng¡¯s prevention and control requirements. Simultaneously, it is necessary to plain in advance and formulate emergency plans for relevant aspects of pandemic prevention and control. Logistic security sub-company should strengthen the disinfection and supervision and management of public places, especially the elevators, canteens and dormitories. Material supply sub-company should also do a good job on the reserve and distribution of pandemic prevention materials.

  Lu Hongwei, KFAS¡¯s secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of directors stressed that, firstly improve the political position, fully understand the significance of pandemic prevention work, which is related to the people¡¯s health and the survival and development of the company, therefore, make sure that the pandemic prevention and control measures are in place, and ensure that the company are stable and normal and safe production; Secondly, bear in mind respective responsibilities, each functional departments should cooperate and coordinate with each other to effectively implement their work responsibilities. All departments of the company, especially the heads of each leading group should clearly understand their responsibilities, implement the pandemic prevention deployment requirements, and do their jobs with the utmost efforts to ensure the work in the company could be carried out normally; Thirdly, strictly implement the relevant requirements of the government and group company on the prevention and control of pandemic, fully support the pandemic prevention work. The leading group for pandemic prevention and control should timely convey the latest spirit of the pandemic prevention at the higher level, strictly follow the requirements of the government, and take effective measures to coordinate the pandemic prevention and the production and operation.