Individual Machine

Compressor, turbo-expander, liquid expander and plate-fin heat exchanger

Centrifugal type air compressor has two types: DA type and double shaft H type with dozens of specifications.

Flow rate ranges from 80m3/min~2300m3/min and discharge pressure ranges from 0.5~2.6MPa;

Reciprocating compressor has oxygen, nitrogen compressor of single row, double row, 3-row and 4-row;

Flow rate ranges from 300m3/h~7500m3/h and discharge pressure ranges from 0.2~6.3MPa

Turbo Expander: KFAS upgraded and developed the machinery design and machining software of turbo expander introduced from NREC, USA, realized CAM of 3-D impellers, which not only greatly increased the design precision, ensured the consistency between the designed performance and the actual operation data, thus the machine efficiency are greatly improved to the world latest level. So far KFAS has produced more than 2,400 compressors.

Hl type air compressor DA type air compressor Centrifugal type air compressor
turbo-expander liquid expander plate-fin heat exchanger
Coil-wound Heat Exchanger Coil-wound Heat Exchanger Coil-wound Heat Exchanger